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Scaffolding, a BigCommerce theme from BC-Devs.

Scaffolding is a free-to-use licensed theme developed especially for BigCommerce conceived with these three premises in mind:

  • Display widget: this is an outstanding feature of the theme, it allows you to display prices and discounts (including Automatic promotions), images and information in general, both on the image and in the product information area, in a very simple and dynamic way, in order to highlight products in the listings.
    • Show the price or discount on the image of a product participating in an automatic promotion.
    • Identify products that meet a certain condition with an eye-catching badge.
    • "Decorate" the site reflecting an advertising campaign.
    • Highlight the products to which coupons apply, even announcing it only to customers who received a certain mailing.
  • Mega menu: offers a very friendly menu enriched with design and images.
  • Colorful menu: encourages shopping by category, allowing to show visual menus with images associated to the categories in the home page as well as in the category pages.
  • Variants in listings: allows to show the variants of a product in the category pages, brands, search engine, feeds and any place where the product card is shown.
  • New templates: list products in different ways in selected categories, for example, grouped by subcategories.
  • Browsing: improved product navigation to facilitate product browsing and filtering
  • Contact widget: displays to the user in prominent places of choice, a widget to facilitate contact, e.g. via WhatsApp.
  • Carousel: new carousels for product feeds in the home page as well as for product images in mobile.
  • Regions: new regions facilitate communication, for example, on the product page you can easily create tabs from Page Builder
  • And more: define the number of columns per device, location and appearance of the search engine, hide categories without products, custom fields hidden, more selling product pages allowing product bullets in prominent location among other features

  • User experience: Undoubtedly the visual design of a site plays a fundamental role in the user experience, Scaffolding has a balanced design, designed so that the information and functionalities are available in a friendly way and does not overwhelm the user.
  • Mobile: Defined with special care in mobile devices, not only because the traffic on these devices exceeds 80% but also because of the needs demanded by a small screen.
  • Honest design: Scaffolding does not have any element that looks good on the demo site and then is not easily replicable, everything that stands out from the site is configurable.
  • Flexibility: the design controls and even the location of some elements, allow Scaffolding to adapt to the most varied needs.
  • Regions: the incorporation of new regions, some of them very new, such as the possibility of creating tabs for a product, and the harmony sought with Page builders, add even more flexibility to adapt the communication.

  • Source available: the evolution of the business often requires particular changes to the site by the customer. Scaffolding is source available and Scaffolding's Evolutive license (*) allows you to make all the modifications you need for your own use (consult the licensing terms if you have any doubts).
  • Customize friendly: Scaffolding is the basis of dozens of sites, many of which have been requiring new features or design on it, so that facilitating and ordering the particular modifications of each client, has always been our concern.
  • Updates friendly: this is not the best version of Sacffolding, we are always improving it, so facilitating the update of a custom version created from Scaffolding is essential and that is what it offers.
  • Cornerstone friendly: as we believe the same of Cornerstone, just as we facilitate the update of Scaffolding in a theme modified by the client, we do the same with Cornerstone to keep Scaffolding as updated as possible before improvements released by BigCommerce.

(*) An Evolutive license for Scaffolding is required.

Scaffolding, out of the box, offers an out-of-the-box solution with features that complement BigCommerce and are critical to improving the conversion rate from visits to sales. With a professional design and a focus on user experience, adaptable to a wide range of industries, Scaffolding meets today's business needs and provides a framework for business growth.

Scaffolding is free to use for life and includes 30 days of email support at no cost. When business momentum requires adjustments to Scaffolding, the Evolutive lincense for Scaffolding allows for modification and makes it an excellent starting point for development. This provides the efficiency and security that our developers use every day on projects.

Install it now or consult our complete manual to discover its full potential.

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demo store